Guest Friendly Hotels Tokyo

Guest Friendly Hotels Tokyo

Guest Friendly Hotels Tokyo

The best guest-friendly hotels in Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a huge fuzoku scene filled with sexual entertainment options of every kind. This website attempts to cover them all in English in some detail. A big aspect of the industry is delivery health with service providers sent to the homes of customers, or more commonly, to love hotels where rooms can be rented by the hour.

Tourists and other temporary visitors can utilize love hotels just as anyone else can but they don’t necessarily need to shell out for the extra expense since they’ll be staying in a hotel. Booking a room at a girl-friendly hotel that allows customers to bring guests to their rooms at no charge or inconvenience allows them to avoid the several thousand Yen required for each short stay at a love hotel. It also gives them the freedom to bring a date or hook up back for the night without any problems.

The following is a list of highly regarded and well-reviewed guest-friendly hotels in key areas of Tokyo, the city most tourists will probably visit first. The list includes links to book the rooms online in advance in order to guarantee a room and the best possible price.

— Kabukicho / Shinjuku —

Sunlite Shinjuku Hotel ★★★ $89 avg/night
5-15-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 

Sunlite Shinjuku Hotel

The Sunlite Shinjuku hotel is more reasonably priced than the Granbell. It has smaller rooms but it also has a very convenient location and a full guest-friendly policy. It’s tough to get a room that isn’t tiny in the middle of Tokyo unless you’re ready to break out beaucoup bucks. Unless you want to break the bank the best bet is usually to find something with an acceptable room size and nightly rate. For most, the Sunlite should fit the bill. The only way to ensure the best possible price is to book a room at the Sunlite Shinjuku online before showing up. 

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel ★★★★ $95 avg/night
2-14-5 Kabuki Cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

The Shinjuku Granbell is one of the nicest hotels in Tokyo. It’s large, clean and professional. Its completely guest-friendly policy is complimented nicely by its central location in Shinjuku which is within walking distance of the famed Kabukicho area, home to places like New Hot Point and Hinomaru. Rooms at the Granbell are not cheap but this only makes sense since they are of such high quality and in such a prime area. The best prices can be guaranteed by booking rooms at the Granbell online before arrival.

Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel ★★★★★ $433 avg/night
3-7-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku , Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel

The Park Hyatt is another outstanding luxury hotel with a total guest-friendly policy. The hotel is centrally located near the trains and numerous nightlife and entertainment hotspots and it’s always easy to grab a taxi out front. This is another hotel with a high price tag but the prices are reasonable considering that the Park Hyatt Tokyo is a world-class hotel in a world-class city. Big discounts on the regular rates can often be found by booking stays at the Park Hyatt online before arrival. Showing up out of the blue may put your credit in the red.

— Akasaka / Minato —

The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo ★★★★★ $509 avg/night
Midtown 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo is as well run as its name would indicate to those familiar with international hotel chains. The reviews this hotel has received over the years speak for themselves and the quality of the hotel is only added to by its incredibly convenient and central location and totally guest-friendly policy. The rooms at the Ritz-Carlton aren’t inexpensive by any means but they are very impressive. Deals can often be found that can cut the nightly rate by up to half by booking at the Ritz-Carlton online in advance.

— Roppongi —

Roppongi Hotel S ★★★★ $113 avg/night
1-11-6 Nishiazabu Minato-ku, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Roppongi Hotel S

The Roppongi Hotel S in the area of the same name is a great little guest-friendly hotel with very competitive prices. Roppongi is a go-to place for many foreigners visiting or living in the city. It’s home to a lot of international food and entertainment along with the lively nightlife. It’s well known amongst locals as a place where “foreigner chasers,” or Japanese girls who like to date or hook up with foreign guys, go on the hunt at night. Regular rates at the hotel are very reasonable but even better deals can be found by booking stays at the Roppongi Hotel S online in advance.

— Ginza —

Hotel Monterey Ginza ★★★ $110 avg/night
2-10-2 Ginza Chuo-Ku, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan 

Hotel Monterey Ginza

The Hotel Monterey Ginza is a guest-friendly hotel located in perhaps the most famous area of Tokyo. The hotel is nice, clean, and centrally located, and bringing guests back to the room is never a problem. Surprisingly the rates at the Monterey Ginza are very reasonable when compared to similar hotels in the city. Of course, the best prices can only be guaranteed by booking stays at the Hotel Monterey Ginza online in advance.

— Akihabara —

Remm Akihabara Hotel ★★★ $141 avg/night
1-6-5 Kandasakuma-cho,Chiyoda-ku, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan 

Remm Akihabara Hotel

The Remm Akihabara is a guest-friendly hotel conveniently located right next to Akihabara Station which puts its square in the middle of one of the most entertaining areas of Tokyo. There are numerous massage shops, shopping outlets, and adult superstores like Love Merci within walking distance and the train can take you anywhere else in Tokyo with ease. As an added bonus the sidewalks around the hotel are often filled with cute Japanese women in sexy outfits advertising the many maid cafes in the area. Rates at the hotel are fair but the best deals can only be found by booking rooms at the Remm Akihabara online in advance.

— Ueno —

Ueno First City Hotel ★★★ $57 avg/night
1-14-8, Ueno, Taito-Ku, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

Ueno First City Hotel

The Ueno First City Hotel is a nice and guest-friendly hotel in Ueno, which is also home to Jan Jan. This isn’t the most famous section of Tokyo but it is a good place to find great deals on shopping, hotels, and more. There’s a fair bit of entertainment around and the rest of the city can be easily reached by train. Rooms may look small for those coming from Western countries but they’re about average for a hotel in Tokyo. Rooms at the hotel are not expensive at all for Tokyo but the best prices can only be ensured by booking a stay at the Ueno First City Hotel online before arrival.

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