Guest Friendly Hotels Jakarta

Guest Friendly Hotels Jakarta

Jakarta is a huge city and the capital of Indonesia. In some circles, the country has a reputation as a conservative place. While certain news can give that impression anyone who has been to Jakarta knows that it’s hardly a universal truth. Jakarta is filled with nightlife and entertainment options from one side to the other. Many of these options even outpace what is available in some of the richest and most developed countries on earth.

Nearly every hotel in Jakarta allows guests to bring friends back to their rooms without so much as a question. A select few may forbid it or ask for an extra fee. The following is a list of the best hotels in Jakarta with confirmed guest-friendly policies.

Guest Friendly Hotels Jakarta

The best guest-friendly hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Mercure Jakarta Kota ★★★★ $38 avg/night
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 123, Gajah Mada, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mercure Jakarta Kota

The hotel is very centrally located and reasonably priced. The rooms are large and the service is great. There is an abundance of entertainment and nightlife in the immediate vicinity and taxis are always available for trips to other parts of the city.

The Grand Mercure Jakarta is only blocked away by Jalan Hayam Wuruk. This newer, nicer, and more expensive hotel is owned by the same group.

Both the Mercure Jakarta Kota and the Grand Mercure are completely guest friendly. Customers do not have to stop off at the front desk to check in any visitors they have. They can simply head directly to the room with their friends in tow.

Rooms at the hotel are reasonably priced but the best rate can be had by booking rooms at the Mercure Jakarta Kota Hotel online in advance.

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta ★★★★★ $134 avg/night
Jalan M.H. Thamrin PO Box 3392, Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

The Hotel Mandarin Oriental is a fantastic five-star hotel that is also centrally located. It’s only a short drive by taxi to countless nightlife hotspots including Blok M, BATS, and a host of other bars and clubs. There is also a virtually unlimited supply of shopping, dining, and entertainment options nearby.

The hotel has everything one would expect for a five-star facility and the management has no issue with guests bringing friends back to their rooms. Security is always on hand in case it’s needed but the atmosphere is generally very peaceful. This is a favorite hotel for people visiting for business and pleasure who want the best they can get. This is consistently one of the best-rated hotels in the country.

The rates at the hotel are surprisingly fair considering the level of service provided but the only way to guarantee the lowest price is to book a room at the Hotel Mandarin online as far in advance of arrival as possible.

Shangri-La Hotel ★★★★★ $225 avg/night
Kota BNI, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia

Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La is a five-star hotel that is known by nearly every taxi driver in town. It’s centrally located and even houses the famous BRIX lounge bar which is a well-known nightlife hotspot that attracts a lot of attention. The hotel, the rooms, and the service are everything one would expect from a top-rated facility. The prices also correspond to that.

The Shangri-La has no restrictions on customers bringing guests back to their rooms. Nothing needs to be done or said as customers are free to me in and out of the building without bother. This is a common affair. Countless matches have been made in the immediate area and the staff is hip to the scene.

The best rates at the hotel can only be found by booking rooms at the Shangri-La online before arrival. Those who show up at the last minute looking for a room will likely get stuck with a high price.

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