Best Boutique Hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re bored of the normal hotel experience 3 stars boxed rooms with basic ammenities with a basic hotel feel like you’d be anywhere in the world then perhaps it’s time to try a boutique hotel. Chiang Mai has some great Boutique hotels many with a clean lifestyle living. Want to try Yoga or need a non-smoking hotel or just want to get away from it all then check out some of the Chiang Mai boutique hotels on this list.

How about a Yoga Meditation retreat complete with homestay and Lanna style accommodations even a tree house. The Viva Chiang Mai is not your average hotel.
 Viva Chiang Mai Nature Home Stay
Looking for an Oasis in Chiang Mai, then you can’t beat the hip Yantasari Resort hotel just off fashionable Nimmanheimen road if you don’t mind spending a few hundred a night on accommodations you will simply love this place. I stayed there a few nights a year or so ago and they have this one room with the biggest bathtub no wait it was more like a swimming pool in your room at about 1.5 meters deep you’ll be surprised as I was.
 Yantarasiri Resort
Away from the city in the beautiful and scenic Mae Rim valley is a hotel well it’s not what I’d call a hotel more like Villas in the valley. Their special is the tented Villa and it looks amazing. Havn’t stayed there yet but am planning a little getaway with the gik soon.
 Sukantara Chiang Mai

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