Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Subic

Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Subic
Updated for August 2018

Subic Bar Girl Friendly Hotels

All the hotels in this list are bargirl friendly and located in Subic
Subic is a sea side area of Luzon Island in Zambales province within the region of Subic Bay, Philippines. Subic is the famous destination for water sport lovers and also a home of the renowned Subic Bay Ocean Adventure, where dolphins and tropical fish shows attract millions of tourist to visit each year.

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List of Bar Girl Friendly Hotels in Subic

The Circle Hostel $6 avg/night

Emu Tavern $14 avg/night

Bigfoot Restaurant and Rest House $25 avg/night

Ridgecrest Gardens Hotel ★★ $28 avg/night

Treasure Island Resort ★★★ $38 avg/night

Pundaquit Paradise Hotel ★★ $40 avg/night

Herbies Mansion ★★ $43 avg/night

Nora’s Beach Resort ★★ $45 avg/night

Suzuki Beach Hotel Inc ★★★ $46 avg/night

Sheaven’s Seafront Resort ★★★ $47 avg/night

Sir Williams Lodge & Beach Resort ★★ $48 avg/night

Subic Park Hotel ★★ $50 avg/night

Grand Hoyah Hotel ★★★★ $51 avg/night

Subic Grand Seas Resort ★★★ $61 avg/night

Subic International Hotel ★★★ $61 avg/night

Vasco’s Resort ★★ $62 avg/night

Seo Ra Beol Grand Leisure Hotel ★★ $67 avg/night

Mountain Woods Inn ★★★ $70 avg/night

RK Hotel ★★★ $73 avg/night

Poco a Poco Hotel ★★★ $76 avg/night

Wild Orchid Beach Resort ★★★★ $79 avg/night

Subic Bay Venezia ★★★ $81 avg/night

Subic Holiday Villas ★★★ $81 avg/night

Vista Marina Hotel and Resort ★★★ $82 avg/night

Court Meridian Hotel ★★★★ $95 avg/night

Camayan Beach Resort Hotel ★★★★ $96 avg/night

Forestview Leisure Residences ★★★ $116 avg/night

Subic Bay Travelers Hotel ★★ $130 avg/night

Subic Homes ★★★★ $130 avg/night

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel ★★★★ $151 avg/night

Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa ★★★★ $153 avg/night

The Lighthouse Marina Resort ★★★★ $154 avg/night

Grande Island Resort ★★ $215 avg/night

House Hamburg Apartelle ★★ $218 avg/night

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