Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Cambodia

Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Cambodia

Updated for August 2018

Cambodia Bar Girl Friendly Hotels

All the hotels in this list are bargirl friendly and located in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap & Sihanoukville
Cambodia is one of the most visited destination in South East Asia apart from Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. As being a home of one of the world’s greatest ancient Kingdoms, Cambodia has millions of tourists from all over the world to visit its most important archaeological wonder each year.
Not only historical sites that attract travelers to the country, Cambodia also offers some impressive unspoiled islands as well as full-on nightlife spots for those who want to have different choices other than those places in Thailand. And for the past decade, Cambodia has become one of the potential rivals for Thailand in nightlife aspect because of its cheaper expenses.
To find guest friendly hotels in Cambodia is a little difficult compared to Thailand but don’t worry as we have listed them here for your choice. Most guest friendly hotels are located in the main tourist cities which are:

Phnom Penh Bar Girl Friedndly Hotels

Sihanoukville Bar Girl Friendly Hotels

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* Rates are based on the cheapest room type of each hotel

* The list is sorted by average price per night

List of Bar Girl Friendly Hotels in Phnom Penh

Velkommen Backpackers $10 avg/night

Hometown Hotel ★★
$13 avg/night

Circuit Hotel – Nana Hotel ★★★ $17 avg/night

Royal Inn Hotel ★★★
$17 avg/night

Indochine 2 Hotel ★★
$21 avg/night

PC Hotel ★★★
$21 avg/night

River Star Hotel ★★
$21 avg/night

Lone Star Saloon Guesthouse ★★
$25 avg/night

Mittapheap Hotel ★★★
$25 avg/night

The Flamingos Hotel ★★★
$25 avg/night

Aqua Boutique Guesthouse ★★★
$29 avg/night

Manor House ★★★
$30 avg/night
Paddy Rice ★★★ $30 avg/night

Golden House International Hotel ★★★
$33 avg/night

Frangipani Villa-90s Hotel ★★★
$35 avg/night

Bougainvillier Hotel ★★★
$38 avg/night

Hilary’s Boutique Hotel ★★★
$38 avg/night

Green Palace Hotel ★★★★
$38 avg/night

Eureka Villas ★★★
$45 avg/night

River 108 Hotel ★★★
$53 avg/night

La Rose Boutique Hotel & Spa ★★★★
$62 avg/night

Riverside Suites Phnom Penh ★★★★
$67 avg/night

Amanjaya Pancam Hotel ★★★★
$92 avg/night

Naga World & Entertainment Complex ★★★★★
$100 avg/night

InterContinental Phnom Penh Hotel ★★★★★
$151 avg/night

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeetra Hotel ★★★★★
$160 avg/night

Raffles Hotel Le Royal ★★★★★
$207 avg/night

List of Bar Girl Friendly Hotels in Siem Reap

Green Town Guesthouse ★★ $7 avg/night

Jasmine Lodge
$9 avg/night

My Home Villa ★★
$10 avg/night

Angkor Dream Villa ★★
$15 avg/night

Parklane Hotel ★★★
$15 avg/night

Alliance Villa ★★
$17 avg/night

Hotel 89 ★★★
$20 avg/night

Dara Reang Sey Angkor Hotel ★★★
$21 avg/night

Ta Prohm Hotel ★★★
$23 avg/night

Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel ★★★
$24 avg/night

The Mekong Bed & Breakfast ★★
$26 avg/night

Frangipani Villa Hotel ★★★
$30 avg/night

Golf Angkor Hotel ★★★★
$31 avg/night

Frangipani Villa Hotel II ★★★
$34 avg/night

Karavansara Retreat & Residences ★★★★
$40 avg/night

Tara Angkor Hotel ★★★★
$42 avg/night

Sonalong Boutique Village and Resort ★★★★
$47 avg/night

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa ★★★★★
$58 avg/night

Bunwin Boutique Hotel ★★★★
$58 avg/night

Siddharta Boutique Hotel ★★★
$65 avg/night

Golden Banana Boutique Resort ★★★★
$66 avg/night

Le Meridien Angkor Hotel ★★★★★
$78 avg/night

Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort & Spa ★★★★★
$99 avg/night

List of Bar Girl Friendly Hotels in Sihanoukville

Seahorse Guesthouse $5 avg/night

Coolabah Hotel ★★★
$23 avg/night

Chhne Chulsa Hotel ★★
$25 avg/night

Golden Sand Hotel ★★★
$29 avg/night

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