Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Boracay (Updated 2023)

Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Boracay

Boracay is a small and stunning tropical island located away from Manila about one hour flight. With beautiful white sand beaches and amazing views, Boracay received many awards from various travel publications and agencies. It is a great place for water sports lovers to do a wide range of activities by day and venture into the nightlife spots at night.

Bar Girl Friendly Hotels Boracay

All the hotels in this list are bargirl friendly and located in Boracay

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* Rates are based on the cheapest room type of each hotel
* The list is sorted by average price per night

List of Bar Girl Friendly Hotels in Boracay

Isla Gecko Resort ★★ $32 avg/night

La Isla Bonita Resort ★★★ $34 avg/night

La Carmela de Boracay Hotel ★★★ $41 avg/night

Erus Suites Hotel ★★★ $52 avg/night

Bamboo Beach Resort ★★★ $61 avg/night

One Crescent Place Hotel ★★★★ $74 avg/night

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Beach Resort ★★ $76 avg/night

Nirvana Beach Resort ★★★ $87 avg/night

Boracay Garden ★★★★ $110 avg/night

Red Coconut Hotel ★★★★ $111 avg/night

The Strand Resort Boracay ★★★★ $113 avg/night

Boracay Regency Beach Resort ★★★★ $116 avg/night

Astoria Boracay Resort ★★★★★ $175 avg/night

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