Bachelor Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

 Bachelor Hotel in Pattaya
No Questions Asked Hotels In Pattaya For The Bachelor

Pattaya is the mecca for those who thrive on lust and love, for Pattaya with all it’s history is still the place to go to look for hot young women willing to curtail to your desire. Beside it’s history and current standing you’ll be surprised to know that there are many hotels in Pattaya that don’t allow you to take back girls, although most do there are hotels in pattaya that will charge you for the priviledge. So i’ve made a list here of hotels in Pattaya that don’t ask any questions nor do they ask for cash. Although most all hotels will charge you something if you decide to take more than one girl back to your room.
Siam Sawasdee Pattaya (from: $22/660 baht)
The Siam is a great budget hotel to stay in Pattaya that ask’s no questions about the girls you bring back, they have a small pool and restaurant as well… more details and booking
Jomtien Beach House & Spa (from: $30/900 baht)
A bit far from the Pattaya night zone, but still a bachelor hotel in it’s own right, only a stones throw from the Jomtiem beach, no questions are asked and no money is taken to bring girls back here… more details and booking
Sawasdee Sea View Hotel (from: $35/1,120 baht)
I stay here a lot and have never had problems bringing girls back to the room, the price is reasonable as the rooms are large and comfortable… more details and booking
Nirvana Couture Rooms Hotel (from: $41/1,350 baht)
Another Jomtien Beach hotel is just a small walk from the bars, shops and playground that is Jomtien, though it is 10 minutes away from the red light district of Pattaya, this is a good place to bring a girl back for a few days away from other temptations, again, no questions are asked…. more details and booking
Jomtien Garden Hotel & Resort (from: $43/1,420 baht)
This place is more expensive then the rest but still a great place to hang out with your newly aquired girl(s)… more details and booking
Camelot Hotel (from: $42/1,390 baht)
This is best money for value bachelor hotel in pattaya it has 160 great rooms with soft beds, none of those hard stiff beds that give you a sore back when you bring a girl back. They only charge for a girl if you bring more than one back…. more details and booking

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