2017 Update Sukhumvit Oil Massage Parlors

 Sukhumvit Oil Massage Parlors
A few posts ago I mentioned there was quite a drastic change along Sukhumvit Soi 24/1, which is where you’ll find a small strip of oil massage shops with happy endings.

I finally had the time to make a map showing the locations of the shops. A lot of the shops have gone through renovations, most notably Angel 26 Massage with new rooms and large baths. I suppose they’re trying to make a go as a soapy massage too.

But there are new shops that look pretty good, such as the oddly named Part 2 Massage and Can Cam. I couldn’t take any pictures of the shops because there were people standing in front of it. But trust me. Those two shops look pretty interesting. I will definitely give both a try this coming weekend.

 sukhumvit oil massage parlors
Dream Heaven Massage 2 is still there but I haven’t been inside that shop recently so don’t know if they’ve had any renovations done. But in my opinion, all 3 branches of Dream Heaven Massage are worth visiting. EZ2 Massage was quite a nice experience too, even though they seem to have a limited selection of ladies.
But one of the top choices to visit besides Angels 26 is of course Bangkok 101 Premier. I also went down to check out ORE No 26 this past weekend, but was told all there girls are busy. I did go early on the afternoon, so that could be the reason.
If you’re sitting at home right now planning on visiting these shops it’s a pretty good idea to stay in this area because even though it’s quieter and not as hectic there are still plenty of places to eat and check out. A newly renovated Emporium Mall looks great and there’s a BTS station nearby too.
These 3 hotels are good choices and all are guest friendly confirmed:
Nantra 39 Sukhumvit1200THB per night

24 Inn1400THB per night

Arize Hotel Sukhumvit1800THB per night
Finally I will be updating my oil massage webpage on my website in the coming weeks. As you can see there are some changes but not even only on the massage scene. So be sure to check back often.
And I’ve been getting quite a lot of emails suggesting I should make videos of how to get to certain places. Just like the way I did here on visiting Kuala Lumpur’s saunas and spas with happy endings.
I’ve actually tried. However, because Bangkok’s sex shops are so condensed it’s hard to try and avoid people who don’t want to be on video. I’m pretty sure you’d appreciate it if I didn’t put up a video on youtube with you walking into a massage parlor. And, sure I can find some video editing software to blur out faces but really I don’t have the time to go through all that nonsense.

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